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Census Alert campaign

Downing Street response to our petition received 10/07/08

MPs demand US spooks' guarantees on Census data Register 23/05/08

Treasury select committee report expresses MPs' concern 14 May 2008

The Treasury Committee in the UK Parliament has listened to the concerns of our campaign and has asked for clear legal advice to be published by the government. The report says:

"We remain concerned that the personal information gathered through the 2011 Census could be subject to the United States Patriot Act and therefore we ask the Government to take clear legal advice and advice from the US State Department and to publish it in response to this Report."

Census data security fear denied BBC 7/02/08

US spooks won't get UK census access - well probably not The Register 7/02/08

Lockheed faces scrutiny on concern for UK census Bloomberg 29/01/08

'Making Census' on BBC Radio 4's iPM programme 21/12/07

Greens enter debate about 2011 Census PinkNews 14/08/07

Greens demand boycott of Lockheed Martin census trial - The Register 09/05/07

Sian Berry's blog in the New Statesman May 2007

Lockheed Martin

Press release on selection for the UK 2011 Census - 25/10/06

Office of National Statistics

Press release: Two companies shortlisted for Census 2011 contract 25/10/06 (pdf)